Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bye Bye Money

While I'm STILL waiting for ShitiMortgage to get it in gear (and the clock is STILL ticking, folks!) I'm just thinking about ALL the people's money that got flushed down the drain by the banking industry. Banks used to stand for trust and were "institutions" with buildings that usually looked like the classic Greco-Roman architecture of governmental type  buildings. Bank lobbies were grand and stank of security and reserve. CitiMortgage and its modern day counterparts are like a HUGE speeding train with no brakes. Hang on if you can. It's VERY easy to get shaken off and lost along the way. Banks to me now are like public restrooms. Some people are there to do business, but most people are there to try to get away with something they KNOW they shouldn't be doing. I hope it was worth flushing your image down the toilet, American banks. I hope you tip well at your country clubs and warm, tropical resorts you greedy money-sucking bastards!

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    From my "Revoltin" site