Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Weekend of Waiting

Ok, I've submitted more paperwork to my CitiMortgage case worker. And, she assures me that the wheels are (FINALLY) in motion to get my mortgage renegotiated to better match my current (and apparently permanent) employment situation. A few of my friends (who are ardent Obama supporters) want to know why I invoke/mention/blame Obama for MY CitiMortgage quagmire.  Here goes: Back in November 2008 as my savings account was dwindling toward zero, I saw President Obama on TV every single day talking about how the BILLIONS of tax-payer dollars were going to help people exactly like me who were laid off through no fault of my own and now can't get a job that pays what I was making before (not for lack of trying). Obama went on a month-long "tour" of the media encouraging those in trouble to reach out.  He promised that the BILLIONS going to the banks, like CitiGroup, would be going to the people.  He said he would make sure that it would NOT be "buisness as usual" at banks bailed out with tax-payer dollars.  Well, CitiGroup/Bank/Mortgage has shattered that promise, and I'm pretty sure if Timothy Geitner would scratch the surface of the other banks (Chase, BOA, etc.) he would find thousands -- if not millions -- of customers treated like utter crap by big banks because they still can.  I appreciate the help that CitiMortgage is now being forced to give me because I threatened them to go viral with their social irresponsibility, BUT I don't believe that I should have had to endure 7 months of UTTER HELL being relentlessly harassed by my mortgage holder for THEIR mistake.  Mr. Obama better wake up and realize that EACH bank needs a FEDERAL watchdog to ensure that PEOPLE are being helped NOT bank executives and worthless employees who just parrot what the computer tells them to (in India no less).

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