Monday, June 8, 2009

Bad Banks Burning Bundles of Bucks

Waiting. STILL waiting. I reached out to CitiMortgage in November 2008 pro-actively to try to avoid making any late payments. CitiMortgage is responsible for taking that HOPE and destroying it. Trying to deal with CitiMortgage for months and months has slowly stripped my faith in any sort of recovery. Banks (at least CitiBank) are still money-sucking bureaucratic black holes.

Try to contact CitiMortgage. You can ONLY call them. They offer no help via email, live chat, or regular U.S. Mail. They put up a wall between themselves and their customers. I can't see what's happening to the hundreds of thousands of my dollars I'm (eventually) paying to CitiMortgage for my home. My home is owned by a faceless mega-corporation who I can't communicate with.  Can I move my mortgage to another company without a refinance? What's to stop my mortgage from being sold by CitiMortgage to another company who's worse (or better)? The longer this process takes, the less I feel like I own my home and the more I feel like my home is a prison created by CitiMortgage.

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